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IDF Material Marketing and Sales

Sales of  excess military equipment  in general and of Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) in particular, are SIBAT’s primary activity The IDF, as a professional, dynamic and proficient organization produces mass of excess operational equipment. SIBAT's Excess Sales Unit sells substantial inventories of this equipment, which is phased out by all IDF branches, including the Air Force, Navy and Land Forces.

Among other things, our excess equipment catalog offers motor vehicles, general purpose equipment for recycling and numerous other items. In most cases, the equipment offered for sale had been maintained to the highest standards and proven operationally, and in some cases it had undergone various upgrading, improvement and adaptation processes.

To support sales of excess equipment, SIBAT offers industrial services exclusively to the IDF, including flight services, overhauling and upgrading platforms, communication equipment and various other alternatives.

Buyers enjoy Government Quality Assurance services which are offered by SIBAT.

All sales transactions are commercially-based and take place primarily through:

          • Government-to-government agreements

          • Purchasing by defense and HLS manufacturers

          • Competition on the open market 


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