Naval Excess Inventory

Excess Naval Inventory

The Israeli Navy's constant need to modernize its combat platforms and systems makes it possible for SIBAT to offer excess naval inventory. Small to medium sized vessels with the highest operationally-proven performance standards of highly integrated combat systems with exceptional weapons-per-ton ratio are offered at competitive prices. Clients are offered the "complete package approach" to assure self sustained operation and comprehensive post sales support.

Naval Equipment Catalog

The Naval Equipment catalog contains information about the three major naval platform categories used by the IDF Navy – missile boats, patrol boats and submarines.

DABUR – Fast Patrol Boat

The DABUR Fast Patrol Boat is a twin crew, diesel powered, fighting craft structured entirely from aluminum. The DABUR was in active service during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, where its high-powered performance and firepower capabilities were amply demonstrated. It is currently being used as a patrol boat for guarding to Israeli coastal waters, preventing terrorist infiltration and smuggling.


  •   Multifunctional capabilities render it usable as a naval fighting craft or coast
       guard and harbor police patrol boat, harbor police or patrol boat
  •   Battle-proven
  •   Can be fitted with a 25 mm mini-typhoon gun, controlled by an electro-
       optical director 
  •   Manufactured in Israel/USA

SAAR 4 – Class Fast Missile Boat

Built in Israeli shipyards, the SAAR-4 is a compact, multi-purpose class fast missile boat offering a prime platform for a modern navy. Equipped with a broad range of weaponry and electronic detection systems, it is a low-cost, high performance weapon system designed for maritime combat, counter-terrorism, anti-submarine warfare, as well as intelligence and commando operations.
The SAAR-4 gained proven combat experience in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and in 1982 the Peace for Galilee campaign. The SAAR-4 combat systems are currently operational in many navies worldwide.


  • Fast missile boat 
  •  Long endurance patrol boat  
  •  Anti-air and anti-missile self defense capabilities 
  •  High performance communications and C&C systems 
  •  Can be upgraded by installing state-of-the-art combat systems
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