Land Excess Inventory

Excess Land Inventory

SIBAT's excess land equipment includes tanks, artillery pieces, armored vehicles and infantry weapons, as well as general and personal medical equipment. All excess land equipment items were subjected to the IDF's continuous upgrades, research and proven operational experience by the IDF.
In some cases, equipment offered for sale is identical to current IDF operational equipment, and is suitable for either conventional or anti-terror warfare. The complete package approach offered to clients includes training and logistic support, assuring self sustained operations and comprehensive post-sales support. 

          Available Tanks 

           M-60A3 Main Battle Tank

  •   The upgraded IDF M-60A3 MBT features an improved fire control system 
      and enhanced armor protection tank.jpg
  •   Theloader/radioman position has been recently fitted with a mortar and 
      machine gun for improved defensive capabilities against infantry attack.

    Available Engines

    AVDS 1790 2A Diesel Engine galil2.jpg
  •   4-stroke, air-cooled V type diesel engine 
  •   Utilizes fuel injection and air compression 
  •   Engine cylinder heads, valves and rocker arms can be replaced individually 
      for simple maintenance 
  •   Manufactured by Continental, USA

    Available Infantry Weapons uzi_2.jpg

    Galil Assault Rifle
  •   5.56 mm assault rifle manufactured by Israel Military Industries (IMI) 
  •   Adopted as IDF's standard issue assault rifle in the early 1980's 
  •   Currently used as standard equipment in foreign armies worldwide

    Uzi Submachine Gun
  •  engine.jpg
  •   World renowned 9mm caliber Israeli submachine gun developed by Israel 
       Military Industries  (IMI) and recognized for its firepower, reliability and 
  •   Extensively used by HLS personnel and armed forces worldwide

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