Air Force Excess Equipment

Excess Air Force Equipment

Israel possesses extensive experience in development and implementation of new technologies
in all  aircraft types as well as in the various systems used  by the IAF.

Excess Air Force equipment offered for sale by SIBAT covers three major equipment categories: aircraft,
primary subsystems and spare parts.  Additionally, instruction services and know-how are offered
for sale in accordance with IMOD policy guidelines.


  •  Single/twin seat, multipurpose fighter aircraft  a4.jpg
  •  Excellent maneuverability 
  • Operational flexibility

 More information about KFIR

A-4 Skyhawk

  •  Single/twin seat, light attack aircraft 
  • Excellent performance and payload capacity  
  •  Proven robust and effective air-to-ground platform c130.jpg
  •  Upgraded with unique features based on IAF combat experien 

More information about A-4

Available Transport and Liaison Aircraft

 C-130 E\H

  •  Popular multi-purpose transport aircraft  cobra.jpg
  •  Upgraded with a range of unique applications  

More information about C-130 

Available Helicopters

AH-1S Cobra

  •  Two-seat attack helicopter 
  •  Powered by a single 1,800 horsepower turbine engine 
  • Highly effective in joint operations with land forces 
  • Main missions include anti-tank, close-air-support (CAS), armed reconnaissance and escort 
  • All missions can be performed by day or night and in adverse weather conditions 
  • Identical helicopters are currently operational in IDF combat missions

CH-53 "YAS'UR 2000"

  •  A reliable helicopter for a variety of missions, including search and rescue and air transport 
  • Powered by two GET-64 engines 
  • High carrying capacity 
  • Identical helicopters are currently operational in IDF 

More information about CH-53 YAS'UR 2000  

"TZUKIT" Basic Train Aircraft

More information about TZUKIT

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